How Much Is A Gucci Shirt Worth?

Why are Gucci shirts so expensive?

Gucci has high overheads As a fashion brand, Gucci puts a level of care in sourcing its raw materials which a consumer is not likely to see in fast fashion.

And let’s face it — because these luxury brands can’t operate at a loss, so they’d have to make the money back somehow…

which explains the $600 Gucci t-shirt..

How much is a Gucci T shirt?

Top Gucci T-Shirts Philippines Price List 2020Top 10 productsPriceStoreGucci Tees₱ 300.00ShopeeGucci Overruns Medium Size₱ 250.00ShopeeGucci Mall Pull Out Brandnew₱ 270.00ShopeeGucci Overruns Shirt₱ 180.00Shopee6 more rows

Are Gucci shirts worth it?

Make buying a Gucci shirt too difficult for the average person. The fact is, they probably could make a profit selling their shirts at $85 or so. … You’re paying more than the shirt is effectively worth, yes, but you’re getting in return is a level of prestige that not so many people can have.

Is Gucci worth the money?

The Resale Value is Great The thing is that, while designer brands charge a lot of money for their products, they have good resale value as well. Thanks to Gucci’s international fame, the Italian brand happens to offer one of the best resale values even among other popular brands.