Is The Thumbtack App Free?

Is thumbtack a good service?

Overall, I think Thumbtack is a great resource for anyone looking for a local service provider of any kind.

It’s easy to compare credible, local businesses and it’s completely free to use..

How do you pay someone on thumbtack?

At this time, there’s no way to send payments through Thumbtack. Check a pro’s profile to see how they accept payment. This is often listed below the pro’s introduction.

How much do thumbtack leads cost?

Thumbtack sets the opening bid price for a lead’s contact information. If you win the bidding process, you get to pitch that lead – and the cost is paid in “credits”. Each credit costs $1.67 to buy and leads can cost anywhere from 2 to 9 credits (so $3.34 to $15.30 per lead).

Which is better thumbtack or TaskRabbit?

If you need random tasks done around your home, then TaskRabbit is probably a better fit. However, if you are looking for truly professional home services, such as from an actual company — I think Thumbtack is a better bet.

Should you pay for a quote?

The short answer is YES, you should be charging for quotes, especially if you do itemized quotes or D&C. … If this is you then you’ve got a marketing problem and that’s a whole different conversation, which incidentally needs to be had before you start charging for quotes.

How do I put my business on thumbtack?

If you’d like customers to visit your other Thumbtack profile (to see reviews, for example), add a link to your new profile….Log in to your account.Go to our welcome page.Select a service from the drop-down menu and click Get Started.Follow the prompts to create your new profile.

Do you pay for Home Advisor?

For homeowners, the HomeAdvisor service is free. Even if you don’t end up using HomeAdvisor, it offers a good deal of valuable information through its reviews of trade professionals and its TrueCost Guide.

How do I use thumbtack as a pro?

As a pro, you sign up, create a profile, customize the settings so Thumbtack knows what services you offer, and then you wait for jobs to come through. You get to set your service area, hours, services, and rates. Once a job comes through, there are three ways to submit a bid…

How much weight can a thumbtack hold?

10 lbs.Each peg holds up to 10 lbs.

Does thumbtack cost money?

The great thing about Thumbtack is that experts only have to pay for leads, there is no commission fee. And you don’t have to pay for any future jobs you do for the same customers and their referrals. But now the cost of credits, or leads, does differ quite a bit.

Can I sue thumbtack?

Thumbtack allows you to file a claim with their office if you are not satisfied with one of their handyman contractors.

Is Home Guide free?

Our goal is to help you grow your business by delivering new customers to you. It’s simple. Customers tell us the details of their request and we send you their request for free. When a request is a good fit for you, respond with a quote for a small fee.

Are thumbtack leads Real?

Though “fake leads” is the most common complaint that comes from contractors about Thumbtack, there is no definitive proof that it actually happens. And even if it did at some point, it is extremely unlikely that Thumbtack would continue with such a bad practice if so many people mention it in negative reviews.

What is a lead on thumbtack?

A lead is a new customer who has seen what you offer (most commonly in search results) and wants to learn more about working with you. Types of leads. Exact match. When a customer reaches out to you about a job that perfectly matches your targeting preferences.

Is HomeAdvisor worth it for contractors?

HomeAdvisor is effective for contractors who are just starting out and need to establish a loyal client base. It’s also a helpful resource for contractors who hit a slow season and need to pick up some additional business. The obvious downside to using HomeAdvisor as a contractor is the high cost tied to leads.

How do you create a thumbtack profile?

How to Create A Thumbtack Pro AccountStep 1: Select Your Services. Let’s get started: Head to and select “Join as a Pro”. … Step 2: Set Up Your Profile. Before you can start responding to potential customers, you need to complete your profile. … Step 3: Send Quotes! On to the fun part…

Is thumbtack free to use?

How Thumbtack works – Thumbtack Help. We show customers your business, for free. Millions of customers come to Thumbtack to find pros like you.

How do you get on thumbtack?

Thumbtack introduces you to customers looking for your services….Go to our pro sign up page.Tell us the service you provide and where you work.Click Get Leads.Follow the prompts to finish signing up.

Which is better thumbtack vs HomeAdvisor?

Thumbtack is a simpler and cheaper service, but a smaller reach. HomeAdvisor will provide greater access to leads, but at a higher price. The better provider depends on which approach you’re most comfortable with.