Question: How Do I Track Someone From My Garmin InReach?

What is MapShare on Garmin inReach?

A core feature of the inReach devices is the option of allowing friends or relatives to follow your trip progress via your MapShare website page..

What is better inReach or spot?

Like the InReach devices, a service plan is required. The fundamental difference between the InReach Mini and Spot Gen3 is that the Mini is a two-way satellite messenger, whereas the Spot can only send—not receive—messages. … For me, the additional functionality of the InReach is worth the higher up-front cost.

How do I sync my inReach mini?

Note: For a list of compatible Windows and Mac operating systems, see – inReach Sync Compatibility inReach Sync cannot be installed to an Android or iOS phone or tablet….Plug the inReach into the computer.Launch inReach Sync from the computer. … inReach Sync will automatically detect your inReach and begin syncing.More items…

Can Garmin inReach communicate with each other?

inReach to inReach Messaging If you have an inReach device, you can send a message from your inReach to another inReach by using the inReach address as the recipient. Each inReach user is assigned a unique inReach address ( at the moment the account is created.

Is Earthmate app free?

Scout, map, track and explore from your smart device For even more messaging convenience and navigation capability, download the free Earthmate app and use Bluetooth® to pair inReach with your compatible Apple®, or Android® device1.

How do I sync inReach?

On your Android device: Go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>Bluetooth Settings and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Select Scan Devices and choose inReach Explorer from the Bluetooth Devices list. Your inReach notifies you when it has successfully paired with your mobile device.

How long does Garmin inReach battery last?

Battery InformationBattery LifeModeUp to 75 hr.10-minute tracking send interval and 1-second log intervalUp to 100 hr.Default mode with 10-minute tracking send interval and 1-minute log intervalUp to 30 daysExtended tracking mode with 30-minute tracking send intervalUp to 3 yr.Turned off

How do you send a message on inReach mini?

Go to the inReach device’s MapShare page.Select Message.In the Send Message window enter your email address or phone number, and a message.Select Send.The inReach will receive the message the next time it connects to the Iridium Network.

Is the Garmin inReach worth it?

The Garmin InReach Explorer (formerly Delorme InReach) is a must-have in your pack. … Its navigation functions have some flaws, but don’t get the InReach for that; it’s worth the cost just for the messaging and weather features. For a few hundred bucks, the Garmin InReach could save your life. It’s a no-brainer.

How do I test my inReach mini?

From the main menu, select Utilities > Test Service > OK. Wait while the device sends a test message. When you receive a confirmation message, your device is ready to use.

Is Garmin inReach mini waterproof?

The Garmin inReach Mini works where cell phones don’t, using a satellite connection to communicate with other devices, including non-satellite ones like phones and email. … It’s impact-resistant and rated IPX7 waterproof, which means it’s built for the outdoors (unlike most cell phones).

How do I use Garmin MapShare?

To enable MapShare, follow the steps above….Use the instructions below to customize your MapShare settings and filters.Log in to you account at the Garmin Explore Website.Select Social.Select MapShare Settings or Filter MapShare Data. … Make desired changes to the Settings or Filters. … Select Save Changes.

How much is Garmin inReach subscription?

Select and Activate a PlanSafetyExpeditionSOSUnlimitedUnlimitedMonthly ChargesAnnual Plans$11.95/mo$49.95/moFreedom Plans$14.95/mo$64.95/mo10 more rows

Can you text inReach to Inreach?

If you have an inReach device you can send a message from your inReach to another inReach by using the inReach address for the recipient. The inReach address will only work for inReach-to-inReach communication, e-mails sent to the inReach address will not be delivered.

Does MapShare cost extra?

Yes, you can send to Facebook, Twitter and MapShare using Preset Messages at no additional cost.

Does Garmin inReach work without subscription?

The inReach Explorer+/SE+ can be used without a subscription. When you power on your inReach, you will encounter a message that states: “Welcome Communication features require activation”. From this screen, simply select Skip and the inReach will be ready to use.