Quick Answer: How Do I Get From Waikiki To North Shore?

Where should I live in Oahu?

Best places to live on OahuKaneohe, Windward Side.

Has many different opportunities, making it an ideal spot for all to live.

Makakilo, West Side.

Mililani, Central.

Pearl City, Central.

Punaluu, Windward Side.

Kaaawa, Windward Side.

Aiea, Central.

Hauula, Windward Side.More items….

Is Punaluu Oahu safe?

Compare Punaluu, HI Crime Excellent. There is virtually no crime in this area. Good. There is only a little crime in this area.

How do I get from Waikiki to the North Shore?

Get thereThe Bus – Oahu’s public transportation reaches the North Shore, and takes 1.5-2 hours. … Car – If traveling by car from Waikiki, get on H-1 West, then transfer to H-2 North (via exit 8A). … Tour bus – For an activity tour, consider the North Shore Surf Bus, which departs from Waikiki.

Can you swim at North Shore Hawaii?

Looking for Oahu beaches? The north shore offers some of the best beaches in Hawaii. … The north shore’s notoriously enormous waves roll in from November through April, while calmer seas of summer and fall make for perfect swimming and snorkeling.

Should I Stay North Shore or Waikiki?

If you want some beach time, it would be best to stay in Waikiki. Getting to Pearl Harbor from the north shore would be ok IF you took the long way around, down the windward side and across the H3. You won’t run into as much traffic that way as opposed to coming in from the H2.

What should you not miss on Oahu?

Here are 15 things to do in Oahu that you definitely shouldn’t miss:Take surfing lessons at Waikiki. Surfing has a long and rich history in Hawaii and Waikiki was the birthplace of it all. … Snorkel at Hanauma Bay. … Sun bathe at Lanikai Beach. … Tour Pearl Harbor. … Watch sunset on Waikiki Beach. … Hike Diamond Head.

Which side of Oahu is best?

Oahu Best Areas to StaySouth Oahu (Waikiki / Honolulu – including Kahala)Leeward Waianae (Including Makaha & Ko Olina)North Shore (Haleiwa to Turtle Bay)Windward East (Kaneohe / Kailua)

Is there a shuttle from Honolulu Airport to Turtle Bay Resort?

For your transportation needs, please contact North Shore Transport to arrange shuttle transportation to and from the Honolulu International airport, transfers to other hotels and resorts, and shuttles to nearby towns and activities. Call North Shore Transport at 808.225.

Is there a shuttle from Honolulu Airport to Waikiki?

Since Waikiki is such a bustling destination, there are a handful of shuttle services from the airport that goes directly to Waikiki, including individualized hotel drop-off services. Visitors can choose from several reputable companies: Go Waikiki Shuttle and Tour offers round-trip rides for $18 a person.

How do you get around Waikiki without a car?

Getting Around Oahu When You Don’t Know What You’re DoingDO: Rent a Car. … DO: Use Shuttles from Your Resort. … DO: Take “TheBus” – Honolulu Bus System. … MAYBE: Hop on the Waikiki Trolley. … DON’T: Hail a Taxi. … DO: Leverage Arranged Transportation. … DO: Use an Uber or Lyft. … DO: Walk.

How do I get from Honolulu Airport to North Shore?

You can take a bus from Honolulu Airport (HNL) to North Shore (Oahu) via Iwilei Rd + N King St, N Beretania St + N King St, Kamehameha Hwy + Opp Haleiwa Beach Park, and Kamehameha Hwy + Opp Pohaku Loa Way in around 2h 34m.

Is there Uber on North Shore Oahu?

“Uber/Lyft on North Shore Oahu apparently doesn’t exist and the cab companies quoted over $120 for an airport ride from Turtle Bay Resort.

Is it safe to walk in Waikiki at night?

3. Re: Walking in Honolulu at night, is it safe? It is safe unless you are our after midnight, then it is like walking around in any major city.

How long does it take to get from Waikiki to North Shore?

about 45 minutesIt takes about 45 minutes to drive from Waikiki to the North Shore’s famed surf town Haleiwa, more if you plan on stopping along the way.

How do you get from North Shore to Waikiki without a car?

The only way to get to the North Shore if you’re not riding the Bus is to rent a car or take Uber/taxi. I wouldn’t recommend going places by bike to be honest. There’s no bike lane on the highway and traffic can get a little hinky depending on time of year.

How do you get to North Shore from Oahu?

Driving to Oahu’s North Shore The first way is to drive via Central Oahu. Heading west on H1 from Waikiki, turn north on the H2. When the H2 ends in Wahiawa near Schofield Barracks, follow the signs for the Kamehameha Highway (#99). This road will take you past Dole Plantation on your right and right into Haleiwa town.

How far is Haleiwa from Honolulu?

25.2 milesTotal distance from Honolulu to Haleiwa is 40.55 kms. 40.55 kms equals to 25.2 miles and 21.88 nautical miles.