Quick Answer: How Long Can You Drive On Just A Battery?

How long can you drive on a new battery with a bad alternator?

25 miles should be fine.

Theoretically, on an older car, you can drive forever once the engine is running, you’ll just be without any electrical amenities in the vehicle.

Newer cars are much more reliant on the battery/charging system, and many won’t even stay running with a dead battery..

Will a car run with a flat battery?

U hook up jumper cables to dead battery. Jumper car is still running. … If the battery has failed and has no internal resistance the charging system voltage will be unstable, the engine may stall. Don’t assume there is a charging system failure, battery failures are more common.

Is it bad to drive with a dead battery?

You’ll be stranded, and you will need a tow, because it’ll take more than just a battery replacement. … If the battery truly is what’s dead, and a jump-start is just enough to get it going again, it probably isn’t going to cause much harm.

How far can you drive on just battery power?

If the alternator output was weak for a long time before it failed, the car may not go very far. If you have a fully charged high capacity battery, you could drive a hundred miles at least in the day-time, on the battery alone.

Can you drive a car with no battery?

Yes, an automobile can run without a battery, if the alternator is large enough to support all of the electrical needs. However, it’s starting the automobile that would be much more convenient in life if one had a battery.