Quick Answer: Is Naples Safe At Night?

What is there to do in Naples at night?

Take a walk by Via Caracciolo e Lungomare di Napoli.

Experience tradition coming alive at Via San Gregorio Armeno.

Visit the beautiful Toledo (Stazione della Metropolitana dell’Arte) metro station.

Discover the breathtaking architecture of the Gesu Nuovo Church.

Read books at the Libreria Berisio.More items….

Is Naples Italy expensive?

Not unlike other southern Italian cities, the cost of living in Naples is much lower than in Rome, Milan and Florence. However, the average monthly salary is very low, resulting in less purchasing power. … A meal in a simple pizzeria will cost an average €15 and a mid-range bottle of wine around €5.

What should I not miss in Naples Italy?

15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Naples & Easy Day TripsLungomare and Castel Ovo. Castel Ovo. … Cappella Sansevero. A marble sculpture at Cappella Sansevero | David Sivyer / photo modified. … Catacombs of San Gennaro. … National Archeological Museum. … Capodimonte Royal Palace and Museum. … Galleria Borbonica (Bourbon Tunnel) … Presepi Shops on Via San Gregorio Armeno. … Teatro di San Carlo.More items…•

Is Naples rough?

Naples is a rough, tough place. It has a huge mafia presence, it is covered head to toe in graffiti, rubbish lies around everywhere. … Yes, there are such people in every city, especially big ones, but I would suggest there are a lot more in Naples than most European cities as it is a very large and very poor place.

Is Naples Italy worth visiting?

We love Naples and yes, it is worth a visit. During our stay, we enjoyed the diversity of things to see and do in Naples and, of course, eating pizzas! The food and pizza are very good in Naples and we also loved our wine tasting tour in the Pompeii area.

Why is Naples so dirty?

The city has been a dumping ground for toxic waste for decades. Naples’ trash problem goes way back. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Camorra, the local mafia in Italy’s Campania region, has been dumping industrial and nuclear waste in and around the city of Naples since the 1990s.

Is it better to stay in Naples or Sorrento?

Sorrento is certainly much more laid back and comfortable for the average tourist than Naples. … We stayed in both Naples to see Naples, loved it, , and Sorrento, to see it and to easily access Pompeii, and the Amalfi Coast. There is a d dedicated bus from Naples airport to Sorrento or get a private driver.

What food is Naples famous for?

Classic Neapolitan pasta dishes include seafood — spaghetti alle vongole and risotto alla pescatora are typical. Other famous local pasta recipes include pasta e patate (pasta and potato soup), timballo (pasta pie), gnocchi alla sorrentina (potato dumplings baked in tomato sauce and mozzarella) and pasta e fagioli.

Is Naples walkable?

Naples has an average Walk Score of 36 with 19,537 residents. … The most walkable Naples neighborhoods are Old Naples, Lake Park and Sun Terrace.

What is the safest area to stay in Naples?

What areas are safest to stay in? The areas frequented by tourists are all safe. The Historic Centre and Santa Lucia district are beautiful and very popular. Posillipo and Vomero are also lovely but probably inconvenient for one night.

Why is Naples so dangerous?

Like in any big city in Europe, pickpocketing, bag snatching and fraud at street markets can occur in Naples. It’s mostly small crime of convenience which can be relatively safeguarded with some basic safety rules. As for violent crime, is extremely rare amongst tourists.

What is the most dangerous city in Italy?

Milan, for its part, is slightly more dangerous than other major Italian cities, holding the dubious distinction of being Italy’s top spot for thieves (followed, respectively, by Bologna, Florence, Turin, Catania, and Rome).

How far is Pompeii from Naples?

about 15 milesIn a straight line Pompeii is about 15 miles (24km) south of the city of Naples. Herculaneum is even closer to Naples between Naples and Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius looms over both sites.

Can you drink tap water in Naples?

Tap water in Naples is safe to drink, although many Neapolitans prefer to buy bottled water.

Is Naples a safe city?

Safety in Naples Locals tell it’s among the best cities to visit in Italy—although it does have a mixed reputation when it comes to safety. Locals tell us this reputation is largely unfair. Naples, like any big city, has safe and unsafe areas. On the whole, it’s a lively, dynamic place to visit in Italy.

Is it safe to walk in Naples at night?

I don’t believe Naples is dangerous at night but there are neighbourhoods to avoid – like the area around Piazza Garibaldi and Napoli Centrale. … The area near the station, however, is not nice at night. If that’s where you’re staying then avoid walking around there. Take a taxi to your destination.

Is Naples Safe 2020?

Apparently, Naples isn’t known for being the safest place in all of Italy. In fact, in the minds of many foreigners Naples is synonymous with The Godfather, the Italian Mafia, and street crime. In my experience, Naples is a very safe and welcoming place to visit and travel in.

What is Naples famous for?

Naples is also known for its natural beauties, such as Posillipo, Phlegraean Fields, Nisida, and Vesuvius. Neapolitan cuisine is noted for its association with pizza, which originated in the city, as well as numerous other local dishes.

What is the best neighborhood to stay in Naples Italy?

Where to Stay in Naples (2020 • COOLEST Areas!)Centro Storico – Where to stay in Naples your first time.Quartieri Spagnoli – Where to stay in Naples on a budget.Vomero – Best area to stay in Naples for nightlife.Chiaia – Coolest place to stay in Naples.Piazza del Plebiscito – Best neighbourhood in Naples for families.

What is considered rude in Italy?

And please, do not burp or fart in public, it is considered extremely rude. Also, loud swearing and drinking alcohol from a bottle while walking the street, is frowned upon. Most Italians like some alcohol, but usually avoid to get drunk. Public scenes of drunkenness are much less tolerated than in other countries.

What should I avoid in Italy?

12 Things You Should Never Do in ItalyTravel with large, heavy luggage. … Skip the free walking tours. … Forget to validate your train ticket. … Expect a huge breakfast spread. … Plan a big day out on Sunday. … Overtip at restaurants and bars. … Not buy advance tickets for popular tourist attractions.More items…•