Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between EC And CC?

What is EC and CC in Vande Bharat Express?

The prices, although in the steeper range, has been rationalised by the Indian Railways for the air-conditioned chair car (CC) and executive class (EC) tickets.

The Varanasi-bound Delhi train reduced the fare for the CC from Rs 1,850 to Rs 1,760 and to Rs 3,310 from Rs 3,520 for the EC, an order by the Railways said..

Is there WiFi in Shatabdi Express?

Shatabdi Express is now ‘Gold Standard’; Free movies on WiFi to clean toilets, 15 facts every rail passenger will love.

What is the cost of Vande Bharat Express?

The fare of Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Express will be ₹1,630.00 in AC chair car between New Delhi and Katra. If one is travelling in Executive Chair Car, then the fare will be ₹3,015. The fare of Katra-Delhi Vande Bharat Express will be ₹1570 between Katra and New Delhi. The fare of Executive Chair Car will be ₹2,965.

What is the difference between EC and CC in Shatabdi?

Each Shatabdi train has 2 Executive Class coaches. While Chair Car coaches have seating arrangement in 3×2 seats per row, the Executive Class coaches follow the 2×2 seating arrangement. There is a clear difference in the quality of seats between both the classes.

Is Shatabdi fully AC?

Shatabdi Express trains offer fast connectivity with only a few intermediate stops. They are fully air-conditioned and of a much higher standard than most Indian trains. … All the Shatabdi Express trains have, however, one or two coaches of Executive Class seating.

Is breakfast provided in Shatabdi?

Food prices are included in Shatabdi train tickets. Depending on the duration of your journey and the time of your boarding, you will be served breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea, soup, snacks, a bottle of water, etc. … Since Shatabdi trains are premium superfast trains, they get priority on the railway network.

Is food free in Vande Bharat?

Vande Bharat Express or Train 18’s passengers will not be able to opt out of meals at the time of booking tickets on IRCTC. This is because the fares of Vande Bharat Express are inclusive of meals and catering charges. … On the return journey, the meal charges are Rs 349 and Rs 288 respectively.

What is difference between CC and EC in train?

AC Executive Class (EC) It is fully AC class with only Chair Car type seating arrangements. … It is similar to CC (Chair Car) class like the one’s in Shatabdi trains. The only difference being seat arrangements are in 2 X 2 fashion in Executive Class making it more comfortable and spacious.

Is food free in Shatabdi train?

Indian Railways passengers take note! … All the meals served in premium trains like Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi Express trains are optional and the catering charges are a part of the passenger’s fare, only when they opt for food.

What is the cost of Shatabdi Express ticket?

Regular Ticket (12 and above)AC ChairExecutiveBase Fare361812Catering Charges120140Reservation Charges4060Superfast Charges45758 more rows

How many seats are there in a train?

Imagine there are sleeper class coaches in a train numbered S1, S2 S3… S10, and in every coach there are 72 seats. So when someone first books a ticket, software will assign a seat in the middle coach like S5, middle seat numbered between 30-40, and preferably lower berths.

What is 3rd AC in train?

Three Tier or Third Class AC (3AC) provides the basic amenities, still more than the non AC, but at a more affordable rate. The coach will be much similar to the Sleeper coach, but is provided with AC. There are no curtains or doors for privacy. It does not have individual reading lights.

What is served in Vande Bharat Express?

Vande Bharat Express Delhi-Katra Menu for AC Chair Car For Evening Snacks- dry kachori or samosa, cheese sandwiches, branded caramel popcorn, lassi or flavoured milk and premix tea/coffee with option of green tea/lemon tea are served.

What is CC and 2s?

Second seater: 2S Second Seating, lowest class where the seats are in form of benches may or may not be with cushion. CC means AC chair car, usually preffered for short distances & is commonly found in Shatabdi trains. Seat layout are similar to bus or flights.