Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Quandary?

What is the opposite of ransack?

What is the opposite of ransack?demotedisallowinjurekeeplosepreventprotectreceiverefusereject4 more rows.

What is the opposite of dignify?

dignify. Antonyms: abase, bring low, cast down, debase, degrade, depress, discredit, disgrace, dishonor, humble, humiliate, lower, reduce, sink. Synonyms: advance, aggrandize, elevate, exalt, honor, promote, raise, uplift.

What is another word for ransacked?

Ransacked Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for ransacked?pillagedplunderedlootedsackeddespoiledmaraudedraidedstrippedravagedrifled234 more rows

What does relatively mean?

: to a relative degree or extent : somewhat a relatively small group of people relatively cool weather The house is relatively new. relatively speaking. 1 : when compared to others that are similar The procedure was quick, relatively speaking.

What is the opposite of relativity?

Relativity is the word for how things only have importance in relation to other things. In physics, relativity refers to Einstein’s theory that time and space are not absolute. If you believe there are absolute, correct answers to everything, you probably don’t like relativity, which is the opposite of absolutism.

What is the opposite of relatively?

Antonyms of RELATIVELY frightfully, heavily, substantially, deadly, awfully, greatly, extremely, hugely, exceedingly, mortally, exceptionally, very, surpassingly, especially, significantly, considerably, beastly, terribly, highly, particularly, extensively, mightily.

What is the opposite of spontaneity?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of the tendency to act impulsively. carefulness. premeditation.

What does Ramsacked mean?

1. To search through (something) thoroughly and often roughly: ransacked the drawer looking for my keys. 2. To go through (a place) stealing valuables and causing disarray; pillage: ransacked the village.

How do you use relatively in a sentence?

Relatively sentence examplesThe Atlantic Ocean contains a relatively small number of islands. … Relatively speaking, it’s much safer inside. … 8 is relatively late. … She noted the worn but relatively new clothes that clung to his lean frame.More items…