Quick Answer: What Was Bill Gates Father’S Occupation?

Was Bill Gates parents rich?

Were Bill Gates’ Parents Rich.

Though Bill Gates’ parents weren’t ultra-wealthy, they certainly did very well for themselves.

Bill Gates Sr.

They had enough money to send their son to Lakeside Private School in the Seattle area (and later paid for Bill Gates’ first two years at Harvard Law School)..

What job did Bill Gates dad have?

SEATTLE — William H. Gates II, a lawyer and philanthropist best known as the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, has died at 94.

What did Bill Gates parents do for a living?

Bill Gates Sr. in 2010. Photo via The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates Sr., a respected lawyer, devoted civic leader, trusted mentor, and influential philanthropist who helped to shape Seattle’s tech industry even before his son co-founded Microsoft, died Monday of Alzheimer’s disease.

Who was Bill Gates father?

Bill Gates Sr.Bill Gates/Fathers