Should You Take Funko Pop Out Of Box?

Will funko Pops be worth anything in the future?

Funko Pop figures might someday be worth a fortune.

Some of the rarer figures have netted staggering returns.

A Chewbacca figure released at Comic-Con in San Diego in 2011 recently fetched $2,700 on eBay.

Based on the usual retail price of about $20, that’s a 13,400% profit!.

Are Gold funko pops rare?

Although there are a lot of Stan Lee versions, the metallic gold figures are quite rare to come across. There is no known price although a set signed by Stan Lee is currently on sale over at eBay for a cool $55k. This POP figure is a wonderful tribute to honour the end of the 1990’s on Cartoon Network.

What was the first ever Funko Pop?

Funko history began in 1998 when Mike Becker founded the little company with a nostalgia-themed bobblehead line called Wacky Wobblers. The first item the company ever created was the Big Boy bobblehead. Over time, this once small company became a huge obsession with collectors and pop culture enthusiasts worldwide.

How do you take care of a Funko Pop?

How to look after and maintain your Funko Pop collectionStore them in a cool, dry place. … Regularly dust them with a slightly damp cloth. … If you’re unsure what it’s worth, keep the box.

Can funko pops melt in car?

As everyone else has said, they’ll fade, but they won’t melt. Unless your car catches fire, but then that’s a different story and problem altogether.

Do funko pops lose value if opened?

Even though your opened Funko Pops may still be valuable to you, be aware, they will likely not be very valuable to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell them. It has been said that Funko Pops lose 80% of their value when they are opened.

Do you take funko pops out of the box Reddit?

Average ones yes, but exclusives or Pops with sentimental value, no. My commons and some exclusives, i have them displayed with their box behind them.

Is Funko Pop a good investment?

You are absolutely right. I see a lot of people getting into pops cause they see some of the high value pops and think it’s a good investment. While it’s not wrong to want to put money into something and expecting a certain amount to retain or grow in value over time this isn’t the stock market.

Are funko pops limited edition?

For example, a Funko POP! Vinyl released at the San Diego Comic Con in 2019 might have the official SDCC 2019 logo as a sticker on the box. As such a sticker on the box can be an indicator that it is a limited edition or rare figure (but isn’t always).

Are funko pops worth anything without the box?

Re: In Box Vs Out Box Value? A Pop with a box in perfect condition is always going to be worth more than a Pop without a box.

What is the rarest Funko Pop?

Here are the 10 rarest Funko Pop Vinyl figures money can buy.Pop! Star Wars – Holographic Darth Maul: $1,804 USD. … Pop! Ad Icons – Big Boy: $1,592.17 USD. … Pop! Animation – Planet Arlia Vegeta: $1,512 USD. … Pop! Game of Thrones – Ned Stark (Headless): $1,299 USD. … Pop! Heroes – Batman (Blue – Metallic): $790 USD. … Pop! … Pop! … Pop!More items…•

How can you tell if a Funko Pop is rare?

If they come with a box, they’ll be even more recognisable. With a box handy, the first thing to look for is stickers in the lower right corner of the box. They’ll often indicate if a Pop Vinyl is rare. For example, if a Pop Vinyl has a “Chase” sticker on it, that means it’s a lot rarer than a regular Pop Vinyl.