Who Got Xena Pregnant?

What happened to Xena’s baby?

The Fates prophesied that the birth of Eve would dawn the twilight of the Greek gods.

Zeus was trying to kill her and Xena, but as she was being born, he was killed by Hercules trying to protect them.

So Xena tricked the gods into thinking she and the baby were dead and gave Eve to Octavian to guard..

Who turned down the role of Xena?

15 Lucy Lawless was the sixth choice for Xena However, Angel became too ill to travel to New Zealand for filming, leaving the Hercules crew scrambling for a replacement. The role was then offered to four other actresses, all of whom rejected the role.

Who was Xena in love with?

Borias and Lao Ma Say what you will about Xena, our girl was all about the throuple. The Season 3 two-parter “The Debt” begins with Xena in a relationship with the warlord Borias, who would eventually become the father of her son, Solan. That’s a whole thing in and of itself, but what we came here for today is Lao Ma.

Was Xena really pregnant in Season 5?

Xena is heavily pregnant in this episode in season 5.

Who is the father of Xena’s son?

XenaWeaponSword, chakram, breast daggerFamilyCyrene (mother) Nelo (father; deceased) Lyceus (brother; deceased) Toris (brother)Significant otherGabrielle, Marcus, Ares, CaesarChildrenSolan (son, with Borias; deceased) Eve (daughter; reincarnation of Callisto)10 more rows

Why was Xena Cancelled?

Steve Rosenberg, president of the show’s distributor, Studios USA Domestic TV, blames the ratings dip on the show’s being booted from prime-time to weekend afternoons, when, natch, fewer viewers are tuning in. Rosenberg also said that while no spinoff of Xena is in the works, it is a possibility down the line.

How did Xena die?

In the syndicated show’s two-hour finale, which aired last weekend, Xena died battling an army of Asian warriors who greatly outnumbered her. Fighting ferociously with a half-dozen arrows in her body, Xena was ultimately beheaded by a sword-swinging samurai.

Who does Xena have a baby with?

Eve (Xena: Warrior Princess)EveAffiliationXena, Gabrielle, Ares, Eli, Octavius, VirgilFamilyXena (mother; deceased) Solan (brother; deceased) Cyrene (grandmother; deceased) Atrius (grandfather; deceased)Significant otherAres when LiviaChildrenJonah (son)9 more rows

Was Gabrielle and Xena a couple?

Over the course of six seasons (1995-2001), the two became best friends, but despite the love they obviously felt for each other, they never officially became a couple.